When we have a tooth ache, we see a dentist. If we have an injury, we see a the doctor. Why do we hesitate to seek help for the painful burdens that block us from that meaningful life we want? 



Life Therapy NYC was created to make high quality therapy available to more people by removing any labels or stigma regarding therapy and by offering affordable treatment. 

Dr Xi Liu, Director and Principal Life Therapist, has successfully treated hundreds of clients with ongoing sadness, stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, or other life challenges. Dr Xi Liu is a registered Clinical Psychologist in Australia and is now practicing as a Life Therapist in New York.


Dr Xi Liu 

Dr Xi Liu (pronounced See) is a warm, caring and non-judgmental Life Therapist. She tailors her therapy approach to people’s individual needs to make immediate positive changes. She has extensive experience providing mental health services to individuals and groups in private practice, hospitals, university and organizations. 

Currently, Xi is completing her Advanced Certification in Schema Therapy at the New York/New Jersey Institute for Schema Therapy. She is undertaking training with founder Dr Jeffrey Young and narcissism expert Wendy Behary. 

Xi is also part of the referral network of therapists for international aid organization Medecins Sans Frontieres or Doctors without Borders. 

As part of her community outreach, Xi has run Mindfulness groups for homeless youth at Streetworks Lower East Side and young Latino leaders in YM & YWHA in Washington Heights. She also engages with community building projects in her neighborhood. 

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Life therapy

The purpose of Life Therapy is not to give you a diagnosis or pathologize your life issue. Rather, we recognize that having struggles is part of being human.


Dr Xi Liu is experienced in various treatment methods including cognitive behavioral therapy, grief therapy, mindfulness therapy, schema therapy, personal development coaching, behavioral activation and assertiveness training.  

During therapy, you will learn to identify the pervasive life patterns that cause challenges, identify how they manifest into 'stuck points' in your life and learn skills to challenge, cope and prevent future occurrences.

Xi's international and modern orientation makes her a great choice for foreign born, creative and Non Profit sector clients. She also works extensively with individuals who identify as LGBTQI and people of color.

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First step in getting unstuck

It is understandable if you are unsure about starting therapy. It is also common to feel unsure as to whether you need therapy. Or you might want to "check out" the therapist and see if we have any rapport.

We can set up a free phone or Skype consultation so you can ask questions and talk through your concerns. 

Life Therapy NYC is conveniently located in the East Village, NYC. 

Making Therapy affordable

Getting insurance coverage for treatment isn't possible for everyone. My fees allow people to receive the highest quality therapy for a reasonable rate.

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"Saudades - the Portuguese word that has no English translation - a sense of the truest longing for a place or a time that no longer exists. 

In a recent session with Xi, I explored this feeling about closing a chapter in my life. The essence of that word surrounded me, along with the comforting sense of all people who have ever experienced it. 

Almost immediately, I felt safe in my decision to let go because I understood what it meant to be member of the collective human experience.

Xi has gently given me vital tools necessary to pass from a place of resistance, into a part of myself I never before knew I had access to. The experience has been life changing and life affirming".

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