Getting insurance coverage for treatment isn't possible for everyone. My fees allow people to receive the highest quality treatment for a reasonable rate. My current fees for individual sessions are:

  • Free 'getting to know each other' phone consult for new clients - 30 minutes phone or skype

In order to keep my fees low for my general client group (low income & uninsured). I apply an upward sliding scale. Fees are negotiated for clients with high salaries and have greater potential to pay. 

Dr Xi Liu has practiced for over seven years in Australia and has treated hundreds of clients. She is currently in the process of registering with the New York State Education Licensing Board. Insurance payout for sessions is not possible at the current time, hence the fee structure is much lower than that of an experienced Clinical Psychologist in NYC. This is good news for clients do not have insurance or cannot to pay the large out-of-network fees to see a reputable therapist.   


Payments are possible in cash or check in session. Online payments are possible for Skype or Phone sessions through the payment option below: